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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal



Saline removal on Finger Tattoo
1 session (immediately after). Continues to lighten over 8 weeks.

Do you have a previous cosmetic tattoo such as old microblading, eyeliner, or lip liner (or a regular body tattoo) that you would want lightened/removed?

We offer removal of tattoos by Li-FT/saline, this is a very safe and effective way to help lighten and remove unwanted pigment that has been implanted in the body.

We can also perform EMERGENCY removals for clients who had work done within less than 48 hours. 

 Tattoo Lightening & Removal 

We are professionally trained to remove unwanted pigment by saline removal. This is a safe way to help both lighten and can remove old pigment (results vary). 

Why Saline Removal and not Laser Removal?
Usually when thinking about removing old tattoos we tend to think about laser removal. There's a few instances where laser may be a better option than saline, however, in many cases saline would be the preferred solution.

Laser Removal

Ideal for LARGE tattoos (bigger than a deck of cards)


  • Remove pigment by producing a short pulse of intense light

  • The pigment is broken up and then removed by the body's immune system (pigment goes trough the body)

  • Different wavelengths are required for different colors, which means multiple sessions are required if you have a multicolored tattoo

  • Black pigment settles the deepest in the skin and will require deeper wavelengths

  • If the pigment does not absorb the light, it will not shatter and will not be removed

  • It's common to get extremely red, ooze, bleed and even blister from laser removal

  • Laser need to recognize pigment in order to remove it, pigment such as titanium is undetectable to laser

  • Laser turn titanium pigment black/grey which can be permanent and impossible to remove

  • Areas that have been treated with laser usually are not able to accept future pigment (if client is looking for a new tattoo over the area)

Saline Removal

Ideal for tattoos SMALLER tattoos (smaller than a deck of cards).

We specialize in using a product called Li-FT for our saline removals. Li-FT is produced by Li Pigments, they have been around for over 15 years and have undergone and extensive amount of testing from outside labs to ensure safety, purity and quality. 

Li-Ft is a non-acid, highly concentrated salt/saline based formula containing:
Lemon & Orange seed extract (helps with fading/exfoliation)

Aloe Vera (helps condition the skin)

Sterile Water 

  • Li-FT (saline removal) works to removing pigment by osmosis

  • Osmosis pulls the pigment OUT of the skin, instead of flushing the old pigment through the body

  • Saline removal does not recognize color, which means all colors can in theory be lightened/removed

  • The skin is punctured in the same way a tattoo is created with a machine and sterile needles

  • It creates a SMALL amount of trauma, compared to laser that covers the entire treated area (and goes deeper into the skin)

  • It's common to experience some bleeding and redness after your session

  • Prepare for more than one session depending on how much work is needed

  • If more than one session is needed/desired, sessions must be spaced 8 weeks apart

  • A new tattoo may be completed once you have gone through your removal healing (8-12 weeks)

Emergency Removal

If you have gotten permanent makeup or a body tattoo (smaller than a deck of cards) done within less than 48 hours and want it lightened/removed it is possible with our Li-FT/Saline removal. After 48 hours we would have to wait 8 weeks and then do a regular removal with possible follow-up removal sessions (all scheduled 8 weeks apart). 

** Please text us at 202.850.0350 for a free consultation for your emergency removal. We will request pictures prior to accepting any work.

Post Care

You will receive step-by-step care at the time of your appointment. Please make sure to have a bottle of saline solution at home as well as some pure vitamin E. 

  • Right after your appointment your skin may be slightly swollen and red. This is all normal.

  • Keep the area clean and open to air. Do not touch treated area unless your hands are EXTREMELY clean.

  • Cleanse 3x daily with your saline solution (TAP WATER WILL NOT BE OK!) Dampen a paper towel with saline and press and blot to keep area clean.

  • DO NOT SOAK area in water. If you take a shower please avoid hot steamy showers and getting the area wet. It it does get wet, please gently pat dry the area with a kleenex.

  • NO BATHING, SWIMMING, SAUNAS, HOT TUBS, or EXERCISING. DO NOT scratch pr pick any scabs. The pigment will be drawn up to the surface by osmosis (your scab has to stay on as long as possible and allow it to fall off naturally).

  • Treat your area with CARE. Avoid any active facial serums.

  • For removals on the face (brows, lips, eyeliner etc), please remember to change your pillowcase every nigh for the first 3 days.

  • Once your scabs are all gone, you may apply 1 drop of vitamin E to your brows 3-4 times a day (for a minimum of 4 weeks).

  • Please be very careful with direct sunlight on the area. Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks before your appointment and 4 weeks after.

Additional: For LIPS, please drink from a straw until any scabs are gone and avoid any extremely hot food. Avoid touching the area and make sure you have a natural toothpaste at home (no bleach, whitener or peroxide). Keep expressions to a minimum. You may apply vitamin E once your scabs are gone, you may also apply a natural healing lip balm (NO chapstick or blistex!). 

How many sessions will I need for my removal?

When starting a removal for an old existing tattoo, your results and amount of sessions will depend on the following:

  • How deep was the previous pigment implanted?

  • How saturated is the pigment?

  • How many layers was previously done?

  • Does the pigment(s) contain titanium?

  • How much pigment needs to be removed?

  • How is your individual healing process?

  • Where on the body is it located?

We always like to give our clients REALISTIC expectations. Always prepare yourself for more than 1 session. Depending on the severity of the tattoo, 2-4+ sessions may be required, depending on the desired outcome.

Does it hurt?

All clients are pre-numbed prior to starting the removal process. We also use a secondary numbing agent to provide additional comfort once the skin has been broken. Many clients have mentioned it feeling like a 2-3/10 and some clients have mentioned feeling nothing at all. Each individual's threshold is different, (females) please be aware that you may be more sensitive closer to your cycle. 

Can I get a tattoo OVER my old removal?

Yes, in most cases it's possible to work over a previous tattoo and removal. Please understand there is healing time needed between a removal and new tattoo session. 

How much does a removal cost?

1st Removal Session $350

2nd+ Removal Session $250

Emergency Removal (within 24-48 hours of your tattoo) $300

Any removal of body tattoos that are not brows, eyeliner or lipliner will be priced at $350+ for the initial session and $250+ for the 2nd+ session. We assess the price of each regular body tattoo based on the size. 

** Please TEXT (202.850.0350) us pictures of your previous tattoo (in good lighting, with no makeup) for us best to be able to assess. Please understand that we REQUIRE pictures and a E-consultation prior to accepting any work.

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