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Were you not born with the brows of your dreams, or have they thinned out throughout the years? 

Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing for eyebrows can help you redefine and reshape your dream brows into reality.

At Art of Lash we specialize in machine work ONLY. Such as nano-brows (looks like microblading), combo (mix of nano-strokes and powder), as well as powder/ombré brows.

We take your current brow shape, facial structure, skin tone and hair color into consideration when creating your dream brows. There's no "one size fits all", and each set of brows are created to fit you and no one else. 

** Please note: You must be over the age of 18 to receive a cosmetic tattoo. We perform a 100% ID check at the time of your appointment.


This technique is used to create a look that mimics hair.

This advanced technique can be compared to microblading in the sense that it "looks" like hair and looks very natural. Unlike microblading, nano-strokes is a lot healthier for the skin and tend to last a lot longer. Nano-strokes can be performed on all skin types. 


Perfect for the person looking for a natural brow enhancement mimicking hair.  


This technique involves creating strokes with the machine (looks similar to microblading but with less trauma to the skin), as well as shading in the area to create more density.

This style is ideal for clients who have overplucked brows, looking to redefine them without the need of filling them in.


Our most popular technique. Perfect for the client with oily skin that normally fills in brows on the daily, or for someone needing coverup of an old tattoo.

The powder/ombré technique mimics the look of soft makeup, and will decrease your time getting ready in the morning. 

With powder/shading we can make the brow tattoo look very soft, or more dense and filled in - all depending on the clients needs and wants.  


This is an ideal technique for all skin types but especially for clients with more mature skin and clients with less natural hair or sparser areas. 


IMG_0933-(W) (1).JPG

Powder brows 


Nano-Strokes with Powder/Shading


Powder brows 

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Powder Brows


Nano-Strokes with Powder/Shading
Correction on old (greyed) microblading done elsewhere


Powder brows 


Powder brows 

Brows Immediately After vs. Healed?

Initially your brows may seem more severe and warmer/bolder in color. However, during the healing process your color will fade (about 30-50%) and they will heal true to tone. 

The pigments we use in our studio are pre-modified, which means they have added warmth to prevent them from healing grey/blue. This is very important for the overall look of your brows. Please keep in mind that freshly done brows compared to healed results are completely different. 

Your healed brows will look a lot more "natural" and we always aim to create a look that will be timeless for your features. 

Does Art of Lash offer Microblading?

No, Art of Lash does NOT offer any Microblading services. We specialize in cosmetic tattooing (brows, lips and eyeliner), all done with a digital machine. We have chosen to exclude microblading from our services since it is not an ideal service for most brow clients. 

What is the difference between brow strokes created by a digital machine "nano-strokes" vs. Microblading?

Cosmetic tattooed brows created with a digital machine utilizes individual needle cartridges (similar used for a regular tattoo) to create the desired look. This is an advanced method and works for all skin types. 

Nano-strokes, is a technique where the artist is using a single (nano) needle to create hair strokes on the skin with pigment. This technique can look similar/identical to microblading, due to its natural and "feathery" appearance. This is a non-invasive method that not only tend to last longer than microblading (can last up to 3 years), but it is also a more gentle option for the skin. Since a very thin single (nano) needle is being used, we're able to minimize any trauma caused to the skin, as well as minimize bleeding and implant pigment in a more consistent basis. Since each digital machine and needle cartridges has the ability to set the appropriate depth for the nano-strokes, we're minimizing the risk of implementing pigment too deep (causing scarring and causing pigment to turn gray).  

This all results in longer lasting brows that promotes healthier skin and brows in the long run. 


Nano-strokes done with a single (nano) needle

Microblading done with handheld "blade"/needles

Microblading became popular a few years ago in the United States due to it's natural and feathery "hairstroke effect".

Microblading, utilizes a blade (with multiple needles), to cut into the skin where then pigment is being deposited. This is a technique that is very dependent on the artist skill level as well the skin that is being worked on. This technique is also very dependent on the artist pressure, a heavy-handed artist can easily go too deep (since theres no set depth/"stop" on the blade) which can result in pigment blurring, turning gray and possibly scarring. A light handed artist will not deposit enough color and potentially risk over-working the skin if no pigment is showing up. 

Microblading should only be performed on a client with dry/normal skin. Any client with combination or oily skin can cause the strokes to blur. Microblading usually lasts about 1 year and then would need another touch-up. Frequent microblading touch-ups over the same strokes year after year will eventually create some scar tissue. This is why many clients tend to steer towards powder brows (done with a digital machine) after a few sessions due to both blurring of the microblading strokes and to avoid scarring.

We are sharing this information (and quick comparison) to help educate clients of the different options out there. To help understand why our studio has decided to steer away from Microblading (we get this question A LOT), since we have a more advanced technique (nano-strokes/nano-brows) that can create the same hyper-realistic brow strokes with long lasting results  - that work safely for all skin types


What if I have a current tattoo coming from another artist/studio?

Please understand we are extremely selective when accepting to work  on brow tattoos coming from other studios and artists. 

BEFORE booking, please send us clear images of your eyebrows. In good lighting, and without makeup. Please also include information about your previous service(s), such as how long it has been, what technique was used, how many sessions you have had, what you're looking for as well as anything else that may be useful for us to know before attempting to re-create your brows. 

Many tattooed brows coming from other places may require correction sessions. Please understand that this can be a multi-step process before achieving your desired results. 

Please TEXT images of your brows to 202.850.0350 for review.

Eyebrows Pre + Post Care

Pre Care

We ask that you strictly adhere to our pre care instructions, This is to ensure minimal bleeding will occur, limit skin sensitivities and to ensure your results will be the best that they can be. 

  • Please remember to EAT a steady meal before coming into your appointment.

  • No caffeine for a minimum of 24 hours prior to, EVEN if it's decaf. 

  • No alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • No fish oil, vitamins (vitamin c) or ginger 1 week prior to.

  • No plucking/waxing or grooming of your eyebrows for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to.

  • No use of retinols or ANY anti aging products on your body (AHA, Vitamin A) for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to. 

  • No blood thinning medications or pain relievers such as Advil, Ibuprofen etc. for a minimum of 3 days prior to. Please double check with your doctor first before discontinuing the use of these, if you have them prescribed. (Tylenol is OK)

  • No use of Accutane for the past 12 months.

  • No facials, laser or peels 4 weeks prior to.

  • No tanning or sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to.

  • No injections such as botox or fillers for a minimum of 2 weeks prior.

  • Please gently scrub your eyebrows with a gentle exfoliant the week prior to your appointment to prep your brow area (NO acids, or AHA/BHA exfoliants).

  • No working out the same day as your appointment.

  • Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

Post Care

You will receive step-by-step care at the time of your appointment, along with ointment to apply to your brows. Please make sure to have a fragrance free gentle cleanser at home (such as cetaphil). 

Right after your appointment your brows may be slightly swollen and red. This is all normal, fair clients may have more red/pinkish looking skin than others. The pigment of the brows may appear more warm initially than it will heal (this is to make sure they heal neutral and true tone, and won't heal grey/blue).

Your brows will appear darker in color around day 3, and some clients may experience scabbing/flaking. Please let your brows go through the natural healing stages for your cosmetic tattoo and do not RUB, PICK, SCRATCH or PEEL your tattoo. This may result in scarring, hyperpigmentation and pigment loss of your cosmetic tattoo. 

It's common for the brows to fade 30-50% after your initial session, brows may also shrink or slightly alter their shape during the healing stages. This is normal and can be adjusted during your follow up enhancement session. 

  • No rubbing, scrubbing or picking your brows.

  • No working out, heavy sweating for 10 days.

  • Avoid heavy hot steam, like ovens, BBQ's and saunas for 10 days.

  • No cosmetics on the treated area for 10 days (no concealer/foundation near brows!)

  • No tanning or direct sunlight on the treated area for 4 weeks.

  • No use of any exfoliants, such as AHA's, BHA's or retinol for 30 days. 

  • Change your pillowcase nightly for the  first 3 days to avoid infection.

  • Keep pets and your hair out of your treated area for 10 days.. 

  • No cosmetic surgery for at-least 4 weeks. 

  • No injections, such as botox or fillers for minimum of 2 weeks.

  • If planning a chemical peel, Laser, MRI or other medical procedure, please notify technician you have iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo.

  • If planning to have laser hair removal near treated area or a Photo Facial using IPL, notify laser specialist of cosmetic tattoo so this area may be avoided by the laser. Both ablative and non-ablative lasers may cause pigment to turn black.

  • To donate blood, it’s a Red Cross policy to wait one year after any tattooing procedure.

  • An enhancement session will be required 6-8 weeks of your initial appointment.

    Please DO NOT schedule your cosmetic tattoo close to any important life event such as, weddings, vacations etc. Your cosmetic tattoo can take up to 4 weeks to heal and will need at-least another enhancement session around 6-8 weeks after. 


  • If you have recently been vaccinated for Covid-19 (or plan on getting vaccinated close to your cosmetic tattoo) we would advice a timeframe of at least 2 weeks before and after your appointment. 

  • Skin can not be sunburned or irritated (will have to reschedule & forfeit deposit)

  • Flu/Cold/Fever (will have to reschedule & forfeit deposit)

  • Herpes outbreak/Cold sores (will have to reschedule & forfeit deposit)

  • Eczema, Psoriasis or Rosacea in the treating area (will have to reschedule & forfeit deposit)

  • Accutane in the past 6-12 months (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Use of blood thinning medications (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Pregnant/Nursing 

  • Cancer & Chemotherapy

  • Organ transplant

  • Heart disease (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Insulin Diabetic (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Steroid or anti-inflammatory medications (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Seizures (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Hemophilia or clotting disorders 

  • Autoimmune disorder (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Allergies to anesthetic - lidocaine or epinephrine

  • Joint replacement

  • Epilepsy

  • Pacemaker

  • Pre-existing nerve damage in the treating area (will need medical clearance - doctors note)

  • Surgeries - example face-lifts/brow-lifts. (3-5 months after and will need medical clearance - doctors note)

** Should you have any of the contraindications listed above, please contact us BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Please understand that we will need a SIGNED doctors note (on letterhead) mentioning the specific procedure, should your contraindication need one. ​Please also understand that a doctors note does not guarantee you the service, we reserve us the right to cancel your appointment, should we at any point deem it to be in your best interest or in any way unsafe for your health.


What can I expect during an appointment?

  1.  When you arrive we will sit down to do your in-house consultation and discuss your goals.

  2.  You will fill out necessary paper work.

  3.  Before pictures will be taken.

  4.  We will prep your treatment area and map out your desired look by carefully measure and clean up any stray hairs. We spend a lot of time making sure everything is perfect and to your liking before proceeding.

  5.  Depending on your skin's texture we may prefer not to pre-numb your area (usually the first 30 seconds and 1st pass). We use numbing throughout the service to keep you comfortable.

  6.  We will start & complete your service.

  7.  We will go over your after care instructions to ensure you'll know how to care for your treated area.

  8.  After pictures will be taken.

How do I book & How much is the service?

Please send us a TEXT (202.850.0350) or EMAIL (info@artoflash.comto schedule your service. Send us a picture of your makeup-free brows along with a short description of your brow goals.

A $150 non-refundable booking fee will be sent to you via invoice (must be paid within 24-hours) to keep your scheduled time. The remaining balance is due at the time of your appointment.
Booking fees are not refundable nor transferable (except for rescheduling the same service, booking fees cannot be transferred to another service). Should you need to cancel or reschedule your time we ask that you give us 72 hours prior to your scheduled time. If rescheduling/canceling within less than 72 hours of your scheduled time, you will forfeit your booking fee/deposit and will have to pay another deposit before you can schedule a new time. 

Initial Session: $650 ($150 booking fee + $500)
Enhancement Session: $250 (must be attended 6-8 weeks after)


Correction work: $750 ($150 booking fee + $600)
(for anyone with brows tattooed from another artist)

Enhancement Session: $250 (must be attended 6-8 weeks after)



Additional Brow Enhancement Sessions:
(only for clients previously tattooed by Art of Lash)
Within 6 months: $350
Within 12 months: $450 

Within 18 months: $550
Within 24 months: $650


**Should you need to reschedule your initial enhancement session please text us to reschedule, please do NOT do this via the online system. Please also keep in mind that enhancement sessions must be attended within 6-8 weeks for the $200 price. Should you decide to reschedule your appointment further out than 6-8 weeks then please view the price list under "Additional Brow Enhancement Services". For example, any enhancement scheduled beyond the 6-8 weeks but within 6 months will be charged $350. Please note anything over 6 months may need additional sessions to be deemed complete. 


** Please note: You must be over the age of 18 to receive a cosmetic tattoo. We perform a 100% ID check at the time of your appointment. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR ID to your appointment. 

In order for you to yield the best results it's important that you follow our pre and post instructions. Failure to do so may result in your appointment being cancelled or your results not lasting as long and/or changing. 

Please understand that an eyebrow tattoo is a multi-step process and no results can be promised as everyones skin responds to implantation of pigment differently. However, in an attempt to deliver excellent results to each client, you will be asked to strictly adhere to the care instructions below. 

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