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Were you not born with the brows of your dreams, or have they thinned out throughout the years? 

Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing for eyebrows can help you redefine and reshape your dream brows into reality.

At Art of Lash we specialize in machine work ONLY. Such as nano-brows (looks like microblading), combo (mix of nano-strokes and powder), powder brows as well as ombré technique. 

We take your current brow shape, facial structure, skin tone and hair color into consideration when creating your dream brows. There's not "one size fits all", and each set of brows are created to fit you and no one else. 


This technique is used to create a look that mimics real hair.

This technique can be compared to microblading in the sense that it "looks" like real hair. Unlike microblading, nano-strokes is a lot healthier for the skin and tend to last a lot longer. 


Perfect for the person looking for a natural brow enhancement mimicking real hair.  

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This is our most popular technique. It involves creating strokes with the machine (looks similar to microblading but with less trauma to the skin), as well as shading in the area to create more density.

This style is ideal for clients who have overplucked brows, looking to redefine them without the need of filling them in.


Perfect for the client with oily skin that normally fills in brows on the daily, or for someone needing coverup of an old tattoo.

The powder/ombré technique mimics the look of makeup, and will decrease your time getting ready in the morning.


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