Brow Shaping + Brow Lamination 
+ Tint/Henna


Our Brow Design Services are unlike any other brow service you’ve encountered.

We believe in spending the proper amount of time designing and customizing the perfect set of brows for you, therefore we do not believe in quick hair removals.

Each session begins with a consultation, ensuring that we have comprehensive insight on your previous hair removal experiences, and a complete understanding of your personal preferences.

During your Brow Shaping session your brows are carefully measured to ensure symmetry. A lot of times brows can look like sisters and not twins, each brow structure, growth combined with facial anatomy can make our brows look different. It is our job to balance your unique set of brows as much as possible. 


It's not until the perfect shape has been mapped out and we get your approval for the outline, do we begin the removal process.  Please note:  We remove hair by tweezing for utmost precision. 


Please allow at-least 4+ weeks of no plucking, waxing or threading prior to coming in for your Brow Shaping session. This gives us a better chance to see how your hair grows, as well as a better opportunity to recreate your shape. 

** Please note that results vary by individual. Some brows may need work done in smaller increments to ensure they can grow in with more symmetry. We always like to "start safe" during our first session together, this is to ensure you never leave with anything but natural manicured brows (depending on your preference). 

Brow Shaping + Brow Lamination + Tint/Henna

- Brow Shaping (45 min) $50

- Eyebrow Tinting (30 min) $40

- Eyebrow Henna (45 min) $60

- Brow Lamination (1 hour) $100

- Brow Lamination with Shaping (1 hour & 15 min) $150
(Includes a brow shaping with your brow lamination service)


- Brow Lamination with Shaping + Tint (1 hour & 30 min) $180
(Includes brow shaping and a brow tint with your brow lamination service)

Combo Services:

- Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Tint (60 min) $85

- Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Henna (60 min) $100

Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Tint

Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Tint

How often should I come in for Brow Shaping sessions?

Brow Shaping sessions can be done monthly, every other month or however often you personally wish. Each clients growth cycle runs differently, some clients may feel the need to get them reshaped every 4-6 weeks, while others can go 3+ months between sessions.


How often should I come in for Brow Tint/Brow Henna?

Tinting/Henna should not be scheduled sooner than 4-6 weeks from your previous service. If scheduled sooner, your hair will automatically tint darker. We always recommend at least 4-6 weeks before getting them re-tinted or before you do henna again. 

Brow tints can last up to 4-6 weeks on the hair. A few days or up to 2 weeks on the skin (if the skin absorb any color).

Brow Henna can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair.
*Exfoliating your brows and leaving them free of makeup (day of the service) can help increase the longevity of your results.


I'm not sure if I need a Brow Tint or Brow Henna, what should I schedule?

We assess each clients brows before starting a service, as well as your desired end results.


A brow tint would be ideal for the client looking to add a natural looking color to their brow. Sometimes the tint can leave a "skin stain", which would be great for someone with either sparser brows or the client who normally wears brow makeup. The skin stain can be avoided if we process your tint quickly enough to only tint the hairs, however we can never guarantee that you'll grab color on the skin to give you this look. Each client's skin absorb color differently. When doing a brow tint the focus is to color the hair itself, the skin stain can be that "added bonus". This stain can last for a few days, and up to 2 weeks on the skin. All depending on your skins ability to absorb the color, as well as factors like: naturally oily skin, working out etc. The more we sweat the quicker the pigment will push out from the skin, resulting in a more faded look. 


If you have tried a brow tint, did not grab color on the skin and are looking for something to resemble makeup. The henna would be the best option for you. Please understand that the longevity of your henna skin stain is completely individual,. Some clients may only have a skin stain that lasts for a few days, while others may be able to keep it on for up to 2 weeks. This all depends on things such as: how oily your skin is, how much you work out, dead skin cells that were on your skin when you came in for your service (exfoliating your brows before can help remove dead skin cells).


However, if you are still unsure of what service to schedule for, please schedule for the service that books the most time (in this case Henna). That way we have an option, we can always change your service to one needing less time if need be (in this case a Tint).


**Clients who have experienced reactions to pigments or have sensitive skin should request a patch test (for either Tint and/or Henna) 48 hours prior to any scheduled service. 

Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Lamination

Eyebrow Shaping + Brow Henna

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