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Tired of recreating your eyeliner and everyday?

We offer permanent eyeliner that will make you throw away your pencils for good.

At Art of Lash, we appreciate art and trend, however, when choosing permanent makeup it's important to keep in mind that trends fade. Therefore we specialize in natural eyeliner styles that will not only never go out of style, but give you the flawless appearance you deserve. 

All shapes and colors are customized to suit each individual.



This technique helps create a soft illusion of thicker eyelashes while defining the eye. 

Eyelash enhancement eyeliner, gives you a very subtle and natural look. This eyeliner will never go out of style since it will just make your eyelash line appear denser. 



This service is just what it sounds like. It's a classic permanent liner, perfect to add more definition while creating more depth. Perfect for anyone who wears eyeliner daily. This technique can be combined with the eyelash enhancement to create a more sultry effect.

**Please understand that we do not create any extreme winged eyeliners.