A professional facial can make all the difference for your skin. Our licensed professionals takes great pride in customizing the best possible service for our clients. No matter skin concerns, previous facial experience or product knowledge regarding facial regimen. 

Start your journey towards clearer, tighter and smoother skin.

What type of facials do we offer?

We only offer a Customized Facial with the option for add-ons. This is to avoid any confusion of services that a client may think they need, versus having a licensed professional customize each session to what is actually needed.

Customized Facial

(1 hour and 30 min) $200

Our customized facial will give you the ultimate facial experience, helping you reach your skin goals. Each session is fully customized to your skin type, tone and desired results.

We have designed a facial that can target any skin concern. Each session can differ as your skin improves. 


We live by the philosophy that good skin starts with a professional treatment, where we can help you better understand your skin, provide you with the correct treatments while directing you towards best home care to maintain your results.

Each Customized Facial starts at $200, which includes:

  • Client Consultation

  • Skin Cleansing

  • Skin Analysis

  • Extractions (if needed)

  • Facial mask(s)

  • Complimentary Customized Esthetician Treatment *

  • Add-ons (must be booked in advance by our professional) **

  • Massage ***

  • Finish with appropriate serum, moisturizer, sun screen and eye cream

    * Our licensed professional will decide what COMPLIMENTARY treatment your skin needs, This could include high frequency, facial cupping,  LED therapy, or an ultra-sonic treatment. We may also utilize specialty spa tools and ancient techniques, to promote lymphatic drainage, lifting and firming of the skin.

    ** Add-ons such as chemical peels, fire & ice, dermaplaning and microcurrent can be added to your customized facial by our professional. 

    *** Massage is always provided unless client is experiencing severe acne/inflammation.

Add-ons to your Customized Facial
(15-30 min additional time) 

Chemical peels $75
Fire & Ice $75
Microcurrent $75 

Dermaplaning $100

Microcurrent follow-up with express facial (1 hour) $125

Add-ons can only be booked by your professional, AFTER your have had your initial first customized facial with us, so we can together decide what your skin needs.

Who should get a customized facial?

At Art of Lash, we ONLY schedule our clients for customized facials. 

We have made it our mission to give each and every client the best possible facial experience. Instead of having clients schedule for a "brightening facial" or "anti-aging facial" themselves, our licensed professional will customize each treatment all depending on YOUR skin needs as each service may require different products, treatments etc.

All of our in-house products are safe and of the highest quality. We even carry products safe for our pregnant and nursing facial lovers.

What is the benefit of getting a Customized Facial?

When you come in for your first customized facial, our licensed Master Esthetician ​will sit you down for a consultation. This is to go over all your skin needs, concerns and see what the best approach for your skin will be. 

Each session can target skin concerns such as:

  • Acne

  • Fine lines/wrinkles

  • Sensitive skin

  • Redness

  • Dry/oily skin

  • Aging/mature skin

  • Hyper pigmentation

Contraindications for Customized Facials?

  • Current inflamed acne lesions (for chemical peels and dermaplaning)

  • Inflamed skin - including sunburn/suntan

  • Flu or Cold

  • Cancer and chemotherapy (for chemical peels, dermaplaning or microcurrent)

  • Pregnant and/or nursing (for chemical peels and microcurrent)

  • Active cold sores

  • Diabetes (for chemical peels and microcurrent)

  • Dermatitis

  • Open skin lesions

  • Metal plates/implants on face (for high frequency and microcurrent)

  • Waxing or hair removal on face within 1-2 weeks

  • Excessive Hyperpigmentation (for dermaplaning and some chemical peels)

  • Healing disorders 

  • Use of Accutane currently or in the past six months (for chemical peels and dermaplaning)

  • The use of prescription retinols within a week of treatment

  • Dermal fillers or botox 2 weeks prior to (or after)

What's the downtime?

All of our Customized facials require NO downtime. Clients can go back to work and their "normal" activities right after. You will leave our studio with glowy and radiant skin.

For any of our add-on services, such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, microcurrent etc. These treatments will require special care after your treatment (see below)

For any of our chemical peels, please keep in mind that your skin MAY peel a few days after your service (usually 3-10 days). It's important to let your skin be, no picking or pulling of skin that is peeling. It's also best to avoid makeup all together during this peeling stage.

  • Avoid direct sunlight for minimum of 3-5 days

  • NO makeup for minimum of 24 hours

  • NO AHA/BHA or retinol/Retin-A for one week after (and prior treatment)

  • No sweating or swimming for minimum of 24 hours (no working out, saunas etc)

  • NO anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, or benedryl/claritin for minimum of 24 hours

  • A broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied daily (SPF 30+), even on cloudy days

Does it hurt?

All of our Customized Facials are pain free. However, any of our chemical peels (add-on service) may provide a slight heat sensation for a short period of time (during treatment). This sensation will subside once the peel has been neutralized. 

How often should I get it done?

We recommend our Customized Facials monthly for best results.

During your first session, you will set up a "skin plan" with our licensed professional. This is to ensure you can reach the results you're hoping for. 

What should I think about before coming in for my Customized Facial?

  • Arriving to your appointment with minimal or no makeup will leave more time for an actual treatment (or additional masks) instead of removing old makeup

  • No self tanner

  • No waxing or hair removal 1 week before your service​

Please read over our "Contraindications" and text us at 202.850.0350 in advance should you have any questions

I have never had a professional facial before, or have some questions and want to pre-consult before coming in.

All of our facials are very safe and effective treatments that work for all skin types. Should you have any specific concerns and questions please email info@artoflash.com or text 202.850.0350 us a picture of your skin (makeup free in good lighting), along with a short description of your skin and desired results. 

**Any of our Customized Facials does NOT cure or treat any medical, physical or mental conditions/ailments. It's only meant for cosmetic purposes, to beautify while treating the outer layer of skin**

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